Fix It Friday #55 | Pinellas County Florida Photographer


Well this week’s photo was a big ol’ mess! It was super dark, really orange, and grainy. Here’s the original…


Soooo for my fix I first used TRA’s Cool as a Cucumber 2x’s at 100%. Then lightened and fixed the bruises on her little head. Did some lightening to her eyes and used a white brush at 10% opacity to put in some catch lights to make the eyes pop a little more. They just looked flat in the original. I also popped the colors a bit. So here’s my final result…


Here’s one with a little more vintage feel.


Here’s my B&W with a little texture used. I was going to use a noise reduction but kind of liked it grainy! :)



About Melissa Ramos Photography

I'm a Mommy of 3, a boy and 2 girls. My passion for photography has led me to begin my own business. Check out my work!
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4 Responses to Fix It Friday #55 | Pinellas County Florida Photographer

  1. Thanks ladies :)

    Don’t be silly Shelle, what fun would Fix It Friday be if they were perfect pictures? I’ve got some of my own horrible photos to enter for fixing, I think we all do ;) And your daughter is adorable!!

  2. wizzardmom says:

    I really like your first edit!! I like how bright and clean and sharp her cute little face is!! Nice job.

  3. I love the BW texture! But these are all soo soo great!! Thanks so much for working on my baby and sorry the picture was so horrible!!

  4. Jen says:

    Love your edits! The colors look great in the first one, and the texture really works in the B&W!

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